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Landscape Lighting Tips and Ideas

Having the right outdoor lighting is key not only to amping up your home’s curb appeal, but also to creating a safe environment for your family, guests and neighbors. You want your home to be beautifully lit, as opposed to dark and dreary like in a horror movie, right?

Here are some tips for how (and why) you should illuminate your outdoor space and landscape.

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Outdoor Lighting Provides Security and Safety


In general, lighting an outdoor space helps to reduce potential criminal activity while increasing the overall feeling of safety for homeowners and their guests. Proper lighting makes it easy for your guests to come and go. Motion sensor lights can alert you to movement outside of your home. Use path lighting and floodlights to illuminate walkways and stairs.


Add Curb Appeal and Make an Impression


A gorgeous home can’t be seen after dark without enough light! Outdoor lighting affects the perceived value of your home, and can make or break the appearance of your home’s exterior. Your landscape affects someone’s first impression of your home – so it’s important to show off your taste and architecture. Use wall lights, post lights and hanging lanterns or pendants around the front door, porch and patio.


Set the Scene for Outdoor Entertaining


Lighting can be the simplest way to create a welcoming outdoor space for entertaining. A well thought out lighting plan will make guests feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can highlight different aspects of your landscape architecture such as trees, shrubs and fountains. Well lights, spot lights, and deck lights can be used to illuminate focal points such as shrubs and trees.


Types of Landscape Lighting


Path Lights


Path lights are small posts lights that can be arranged down a walkway or path. This helps illuminate the walkway to guide guests to your front door. As a general rule of thumb, place path lights 5 to 8 feet apart. This will help to avoid over illumination and overlap of the lights.


Post Lights


Outdoor post lights help to provide a glow to welcome guests as they approach your home. Post lights are commonly installed at entries, fences and gates. Complement the style of your home’s exterior with a classic or modern post light.



Deck and Step Lights


Deck and step lights brighten up dark stairs for general safety while highlighting architectural details. Step lights are highly recommended for ensuring the safety of those walking up and down the stairs at night. 


Outdoor Spotlights


Spotlights are essential to your landscape lighting plan. They can be used to highlight various features of your home and landscape, such as sculptures, the architectural details of your home including the front door, bushes, trees and more.




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