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On Valentine’s Day, going above and beyond to please that special someone is the reason for the season. In recent years, however, Cupid’s day has become more about your bank account than emotional/physical love – what with the wining and dining, long stems and gold leaf stationary.

Fear not Romeos and Juliets, let help!

Though we cannot in good conscience advocate passing on the bouquets and fancy cuisine, we can help set the mood and save a few extra bucks while you spend time with your loved ones.

We’ll bet you didn’t know that by purchasing and installing a dimmer switch, you could save 5-9% for every regular light switch you replace. And the more you dim the more you save!

For example, let’s take a look at the lighting in your bedroom – it is Valentine’s Day after all! If you dim 8 halogen bulbs by 35%, you could save 28% of the energy you would have used in that room (don’t worry, we did the math). Feeling amorous in other parts of the house? Dimming 40 light bulbs throughout your home by 35% could save you more than $1200 over 5 years!

So you want to set the mood for Valentine’s Day? Dim those lights, sprinkle the rose petals and save a few bucks.

Yours truly,

The Team