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Jessica McClintock’s Romantic Design for Minka-Aire

Even if you’re not a fashion enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Jessica McClintock. But
Screen shot 2012 04 12 at 9.19.54 AM 150x1502 Jessica McClintocks Romantic Design for Minka Aireshe doesn’t only design dresses.  She has a slew of products that range from fragrances to bedding to lighting.  Minka Aire, the ceiling fan division of The Minka Group embraced her sense of romance, style, and quality.

Minka Aire and the entire Minka Group is known for their vintage inspired contemporary lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.  So Jessica McClintock’s curvature, sexy design fits right in.  Just make sure you’re ready to make a statement because this is no ordinary fan: Romantic Breeze.

6838081970 f023bbce11 b 300x2251 Jessica McClintocks Romantic Design for Minka Aire

Since this fan is so exquisite, it’s a smart idea to install it in a bedroom or living room with minimal accessories.  This green inspired bedroom would complement the Romantic Breeze especially because of the browns and tans in the wood and pillows.  The overall style is contemporary enough that it NEEDS a pop and where better than the ceiling?!  The ceiling is often the most forgotten space in a room…. but not with Jessica McClintock design.  Your eyes will be forced to fall in love with her romantic design.