Industrial Lighting Style Guide

In recent years, industrial style has taken the interior design world by storm. With raw beauty and edgy appeal, industrial style accents can have a big impact within modern and classic style spaces. Industrial elements in lighting allow you to embrace a utilitarian spirit to incorporate this style in any area in your home, whether it be indoor or outdoor. Here we’ll celebrate the unique characteristics that make up industrial style and offer tips for how you can achieve this look in your space.

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Feiss Urban Renewal Pendants

Industrial Lighting Style Defined

Inspired by the Industrial Revolution and mass production, industrial style lighting incorporates many historical influences. Utilizing recycled and raw materials, industrial style takes what is old and makes it new again. Materials such as steel, metal and wood are commonly seen in industrial style pendants, chandeliers, lamps and sconces. Oftentimes these fixtures will be used with an exposed vintage Edison light bulb, adding character to the light. Industrial style lighting typically incorporates distressed and weathered finishes. These fixture types are often found in spaces that embrace exposed structure and architecture such as brick or concrete.  

In interior design, industrial style mimics urban, warehouse and factory style environments. Picture an old building converted into apartments with open layouts. The exposed architecture including ductwork, beams, and cement, should be embraced as style – not hidden or covered up.

Industrial Style Lamps

Table and floor lamps are a simple and easy way to add general light and enhance the look of your space. Since lamps are portable and versatile, they can travel with you from space to space or room to room. By choosing a timeless style, industrial lamps won’t look outdated. Industrial style lamps aren’t limited to antique finishes – polished nickel and matte black are commonly featured on the bases of these lamps. Bringing together form and function, industrial style lamps pair perfectly with the rest of your vintage decor.

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Hubbardton Forge Henry Floor Lamp

Industrial Style Pendants for the Kitchen or Bar

When decorating your home, take note from the food and beverage industry, where industrial style interiors are showing up in restaurants and bars all over the place. Pendants with exposed vintage bulbs or cages look great when lined along a bar or island. They produce an ambiance that is warm, intimate and inviting for visitors. This also translates well into home kitchens and bars. Even if your space appears to be more sleek and modern, industrial pendants can complement most kitchen styles and layouts.

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Feiss Hobson Pendants

How to Use Industrial Style Lighting in Your Home

Even if your space doesn’t include exposed brick walls and uncovered ceilings, you can still incorporate industrial style lights in your space. Since industrial style fixtures come in various shades and finish options, they are versatile enough to fit into many interior design environments. If metals are too edgy for your space, try industrial fixtures with glass shades, such as the Coffey Pendant from Hudson Valley Lighting. Similar, try bath vanity lights with exposed filament bulbs like the Braelyn collection from Kichler.