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Best Lighting for Home Office: Ideas & Tips

It is not uncommon nowadays for individuals to require a space in their home for an office. Whether you work from home full-time, part-time, or simply require a space of retreat for personal hobbies, creating an inviting home office space is essential.

Since you will be conducting business of some sort in a home office, lighting is an important consideration for both your eyes and the overall look of your room. Aim to build layers of light with various lamps and lighting devices!


traditional home office Best Lighting for Home Office: Ideas & Tips

Photo credit: Houzz

If you are fortunate enough to have an office with a natural light source (like a window), take advantage of it by placing your desk nearby. Then, utilize your other lighting (like recessed lighting, table lamps, and ceiling lights) to enhance and layer on top of it.

Nicole Lanteri Office Best Lighting for Home Office: Ideas & Tips

Photo credit: Nicole Lanteri

Think about placing a table lamp on your desk to direct light to areas, as well as add a bit of style to your office. Table lamps will light more specific areas of your desk, so place them where you need papers, a keyboard, or craft supplies illuminated. You should aim for lamps on your desk/work space to be bright enough to light, but not so bright as to cause a glare on surfaces.

Table Lamps Best Lighting for Home Office: Ideas & Tips

Dimond Clear HGTV Table Lamp // Palla Table Lamp // Feiss Softserve 1 Light Table Lamp

If you want to add a pop of fun to your office space, consider adding a table lamp in a non-traditional style as an accent! These types of lamps will most likely produce more ambient light, which is soothing to the eyes. Plus, they are sure to be a conversation piece, while serving a function as well!

accent table lamps Best Lighting for Home Office: Ideas & Tips

Luminary Table Lamp // Pique Table Lamp // Portable Accent Lamp

A central, overhead light can be a great way to “fill in” the darker spaces in the room that are not illuminated by table lamps and task lighting. Plus, an overhead lamp adds another layer of light to the room. A ceiling light is an area where you can go traditional (with a simple flush mount ceiling lamp), or get decorative (with a chandelier); it all depends on your style!

Ceiling lamps Best Lighting for Home Office: Ideas & Tips

George Kovacs Jewel Box Chandelier // Feiss Brushed Steel Zara Semi-Flush // Minka-Lavery Clarte Semi-Flush

Of course, these are just a few ideas you can implement to light your home office space. How are you lighting your office?