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Best Desk Lamps: Our Top 8

Do you ever work from home or find yourself getting ahead of the week on a Sunday afternoon? If so, you are probably in need of a desk lamp to illuminate your workspace. Task lighting is essential to reading, working, using a computer and a number of other important tasks.

Desk lamps are portable fixtures that get plugged into the wall. They are great because they easily be rearranged and moved around for redecorating. Adjustable desk lamps can be arranged to give you full control over where the light shines so that you can feel the most comfortable.

1 Best Desk Lamps: Our Top 8

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When choosing a desk lamp style, it comes down to personal preference. We have a number of styles, sizes and colors to match the decor of your home office. Whether you’re looking for a desk lamp that is sleek and modern or vintage and industrial, your desk lamp should be the perfect accessory to complete your space.


We’ve pulled together our best desk lamp styles, from modern to classic and in between!


Top Rated LED Desk Lamps


The Pixo LED desk lamp is one of our best sellers, and for good reason. Not only does the lamp have an ultra-modern look, it also has high output LED light.  It even has a USB charging port, making it the perfect all-in-one desk accessory. As one of the best LED desk lights, the Pixo comes in seven different finishes, including white, blue, orange and more. No matter the color scheme of your office, the Pixo LED Desk Lamp is sure to complement your contemporary workspace.

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The Holkotter Bernie Turbo Series LED Desk Lamp is the ideal cross between modern and classic style. The lampshade features a round shade reflecting a more traditional shape, while the modern utilizes a sleek and modern form. The combination makes it a great desk lamp because it has the ability to illuminate a small space while having high impact style. The LED light produces 1120 lumens (roughly equivalent to a 75w incandescent light bulb), making it one of the best desk lamps for reading, and has a color temperature of 2900K, which is perfect for a home office. Available in chrome, old bronze, and satin nickel, the Turbo Series is a beautiful addition to any home office.

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The Adesso Eternity Double Gooseneck Desk Lamp is a great modern lamp to spice up your home office. With a satin steel finish, the lamp easily blends in with most color schemes. The double neck uses two integrated LED modules, each with 2.5 watts. The flexibility of the necks gives your control over where the light shines.

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The Pablo Designs LIM360 LED Desk Lamp is the perfect addition to your modern workspace. Available in seven finish options, this lamp is sure to brighten up your space. The arm rotates 360 degrees, making this super flexible for any desk arrangement.

Lim360 Silver 300 Best Desk Lamps: Our Top 8




If you’re thinking some of these are way too modern for your taste, take a look at Viarigi Desk Lamp by Uttermost. With a gorgeous coffee bronze finish and classic shape, this lamp is an updated version of a traditional desk lamp. While timeless in style, the design is perfect for today’s workspace. Get the look for less with this Dimond Antique Brass Hamilton Desk Lamp.


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The Dimond Chrome Ingelside Desk Lamp is very popular for a number of reasons. It’s the perfect desk lamp for a student who is studying during all hours of the night, or the professional working on presentation over the weekend. This desk lamp is versatile in its ability to easily blend in with the surrounding decor – whether it be modern, industrial or classic in style. The adjustable head and body gives you total control over the height and angle of the light, making it an ideal desk light for your home workspace. 

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The Uttermost Arcada Desk lamp brings a beautiful element of style to your desk. The oxidized bronze finish with aged black details make this desk lamp the perfect combination of industrial and vintage.

29335 1 Best Desk Lamps: Our Top 8



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