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Guide to Foyer Lighting

First impressions are important, and nowhere is that more essential than when a guest walks into your home. The foyer is usually the first place someone sees when they visit your residence, so whether you choose to create a warm and inviting atmosphere or to exhibit a grand staircase, your foyer lighting will definitely set the tone. Keep in mind that foyer lighting is more than just selecting the ideal ceiling light. You should also incorporate accent lighting to create a balanced environment and highlight certain architectural and décor features. Toward that end, a layered lighting approach works wonders for illuminating this particular part of your home. Here are some great foyer lighting ideas that will help greet your guests in radiant style.


Chandeliers and pendants


These prominent lighting fixtures are meant to serve a dual purpose: they illuminate your entryway to enhance safety and security, and they also establish an upscale tone for the rest of your home. A wide array of chandeliers and pendants are available to suit every taste, from massive crystal showpieces to stylish hanging pendants and everything in-between. If you are working with a ceiling that is less than 8 feet, consider using a flush mount or semi-flush mount to save space.


Wall sconces


Have a staircase that could use some extra light? Wall sconces arranged along a staircase wall or on either side of an entryway mirror above a console table can offer soft, low illumination that can be used with or without an overhead light. As a rule of thumb, wall sconces always should be placed above shoulder height and spaced evenly between steps if used along a staircase.

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Corbett Lighting Helios Wall Sconce

Table and floor lamps


Table and floor lamps are an easy and convenient approach to accent lighting because they eliminate the inconvenience of installation. Lamps help to provide overall illumination to the foyer when placed on or near a console table, or in a dark corner.

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Picture Lights


The artwork in your home should get the attention it deserves. If your hallway or foyer features a gorgeous painting or piece of artwork, you’ll want to properly illuminate the work. Picture lights installed above a frame can easily enhance the look of art and photos.

Setting the mood


All of your accent and overhead fixtures should have the same color temperature to keep the color of the light consistent. Color temperature, measured in Kelvins, also allows you to create mood lighting. Click here to learn more about color temperature and kelvins. For a welcoming setting, look for bulbs on the lower end of the color spectrum, between 2700K and 3000K. This is this ideal color temperature for creating a cozy atmosphere. Anything above those color temperatures, such as 3500 K, will emit a whiter and brighter light. Also consider using a dimmer switch to control the amount of light and brightness to set the mood.


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