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Floor Lamp Style Guide

We love floor lamps because they offer an easy, portable lighting solution. Here’s why: they don’t require you to hire an electrician, so you save on the cost of installation. They also save space, and can be moved around at any time to provide light in different areas of your space. Floor lamps also come in a number of styles, colors and materials so you can choose the one that will best complement your decor.

34 Floor Lamp Style Guide

Image via Adesso Home

Floor Lamp Styles


Classic Floor Lamps


Classic floor lamps are very popular because they are simple and traditional. These floor lamps typically have drum or round shades that are made from fabric or silk. White and off-white shades are common because they allow enough light to shine through, providing great ambient and task lighting.

Torchiere Floor Lamps


Torchiere lamps use a bowl shaped shade that shines light upwards, creating a “torch” like feature. This upward facing light is ideal for ambient lighting and overall illumination to brighten the entire room. Torchiere lamps can be used for either decorative or functional lighting purposes.

Arc Floor Lamps


Arc lamps are super chic and instantly add an element of style to your space. The bent pole allows arc lamps to be arranged behind chairs and sofas to provide the perfect illumination for task lighting. Arc lamps make great reading lamps because they apply overhead lighting when arranged above a seating area. These trendy lamps are the perfect addition to any interior design style.


Modern Floor Lamps


Modern floor lamps brighten up your contemporary space. From chrome finishes to sleek lines and details, modern floor  lamps can add a statement to any room. Choose from simple, understated lamps to unexpected and attention-grabbing lamps. Check out designers like Adesso, Sonneman, Pablo Designs and Robert Abbey to explore various types of modern floor lamps.


Tiffany Floor Lamps


Tiffany lamps pair nicely with any traditional decor. These classic lamps have colorful, stained glass shades and elegant bodies. They add a taste of art while brightening up your living room, bedroom or home office. Dale Tiffany and Quoizel offer a range of beautiful handcrafted art glass shades paired with antique bases.


Pharmacy Floor Lamps


Pharmacy lamps offer flexibility and style. With mobility, pharmacy lamps can be adjusted to conveniently fit in any space. You can angle the light to shine over your desk, sofa or chair. Pharmacy lamps are a great investment because they are always in style and can easily be tailored to fit in any setup.


In large or small spaces, floor lamps have a place in any home. They have the ability to brighten up a dark corner, provide concentrated task lighting, or both.


We’re here to help you find the perfect light. Our Design Team specialists can recommend options that will fit perfectly with your decor. To get started today, email us at [email protected], or call us at 888.602.7011.