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ET2 Contemporary Offerings

If you’re looking for contemporary lighting with smooth surfaces, bold angles, and fascinating shapes then look no more!

ET2 Contemporary Lighting (@et2lighting) was created in 2004 to complement the more traditional lighting designs of its older cousin, Maxim Lighting.  The brand has almost every lighting fixture imaginable, from lavish chandeliers like the Belleza, to quirky eclectic desk lamps like the Sax Desk Lamp.  The sleek clean shapes and innovative technology makes ET2 perfect to modernize your pad.

Screen shot 2012 03 05 at 2.11.50 PM 150x1501 ET2 Contemporary Offerings

ET2 is a great option for city slickers who have a small space to work with but are looking for a cozy, light-filled, non-cluttered feel.  The lighting fixtures can work flawlessly with contemporary hard wood floors and boxy neutral colored furniture and will be usable for a long time to come.  So replace dull flush mount fixtures (we all know what they are) with fancy, ultra-cool pendants like the ET2 Starburst 37-Light Pendant, or ET2 Brilliant 15-Light Pendant.

For more information on ET2 and a wide variety of product offerings, visit our ET2 brand page.