Four Essential Pieces for Designing your Dream Home

We know how much effort goes into designing a home. From choosing the right cabinetry and backsplash to selecting the perfect granite and tile, the list could go on and on. One thing that all well-designed homes have in common is a good foundation. That means you need strong and durable home essentials. These are pieces that can withstand the test of time and will hold up year after year. Here we will uncover exactly what you need to design a timeless home.

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Philadelphia Magazine's Design Home 2016. Image via Adagio Luxury Homes

Pictured above is the Hubbardton Forge Celesse ceiling light and Pablo Designs Contour floor lamps.

A Statement Light

Think of a chandelier as the jewelry of the home. It can add sparkle and personality to your dining room, bedroom or hallway. Since chandeliers tend to be more expensive than other light types such as lamps or wall sconces, it is important to spend some time visualizing what it will look like in your space before buying. To help narrow down the options, you will first want to determine the ideal size of the chandelier proportionate to the size of the room. Use our ceiling light size guide to calculate the height and diameter you should aim for. This guide will help prevent purchasing a chandelier that is too big or too small for the room.

A Durable Rug

Rugs are necessary for a number of reasons. They help protect and preserve your floors, tie together your furniture, and define your space. Rugs are an important accessory that help make your space feel warm and inviting.

Invest in a durable rug that can withstand the test of time, foot traffic and design trends. Select the rug material depending on the location and purpose of the rug. For high traffic areas like hallways or living rooms, wool rugs are the best choice because the material will repel water and stains. For more tips on styling your home with rugs, check out this blog post.

A Stylish Sofa

A casual yet elegant sofa is essential for having a home that is ideal for both relaxing and entertaining. Be sure to take a look at the dimensions and compare them to the needs of your space. While an extra large sofa may look tempting, it might not be a realistic size for your room. Check out Brendlen + Morris for our selection of sofas.

A Large Mirror

Mirrors help to add depth and definition to a room. Mirrors reflect light, making the space appear brighter and larger. Whether you are shopping for a mirror to place above your bathroom vanity or along your hallway, we have different shapes, styles and sizes to suit your needs. For a vintage look, choose a distressed or weathered finish. Mirrors with wood frames are perfect for rustic-inspired spaces, and chrome details complement any contemporary design scheme.

Place an oversized mirror against the wall to make a small space appear larger.

We know that selecting light fixtures and furniture for your home can be overwhelming. Our team is happy to provide recommendations and design advice for any project. Contact us by phone at 888.602.7011 or by email at [email protected].