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ELK Lighting Becomes ELK Group International

ELK Lighting has decided to change their name, brand and logo to coincide with industry and sociological changes. CEO Bradford Smith says, “Our vision is to be the preferred home furnishings leader excelling in the delivery of complementary product categories and to offer customers a single source for lighting, furniture, and accessories.”

Now operating under the new name ELK Group International, the company will offer its products in three divisions:

Sterling (Home Furnishings Division): Furniture, decorative accessories, wall art, and mirrors
Dimond (Lamp Division): Table and portable floor lamps
ELK (Lighting Fixture Division): 4,000+ hardwired indoor and exterior lighting fixtures offered to residential, commercial and hospitality industries

ELK Group International Lighting Brand Identities12 ELK Lighting Becomes ELK Group International

With this change, ELK Group International hopes to play a pivotal role in the growing markets as well as enhance the customer-buying experience.  For more company information and purchasing opportunities please visit ELK brand page

Source of Photo: ELK-Group-International-Lighting-Brand-Identities1.jpg, Enlightenment Magazine