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Roundup of Inspirational DIY Lighting

For’s very first lighting roundup, we scoured the web for some of the most inspirational DIY lighting. These creative folks show us that anything from mason jars to bike chains can be used to create an eye-catching piece worthy of making your design pals jealous they didn’t think of it first!


Mason Jar Chandelier from via
David and Laura of We Design Studios created this chandelier using 12 wide mouth mason jars lit by compact fluorescent bulbs.  Not only does it give off a relaxed rustic vibe, it only uses 108 watts of power while emitting 480 watts of light.  

Mason Jar Roundup of Inspirational DIY Lighting

Mason Jar Chandelier
Photo Credit:

White Twig Chandelier from
Created by Donna of Funky Junk Interiors, this old chandelier was given new life with the addition of painted white twigs. Rig up one of these in your dining room for the feel of a classy medieval feast!

White Twig Roundup of Inspirational DIY Lighting

White Twig Chandelier
Photo Credit

Drinking Straw Chandelier from
This pendant light by Kristi Linauer of Addicted 2 Decorating was made out of….DRINKING STRAWS! Every day straws are thrown away, but here Kristi shows us that, when you open your mind, even the smallest object can become something much more beautiful.

Drinking Straw Roundup of Inspirational DIY Lighting

Drinking Straw Chandelier
Photo Credit:

Hanging Wax Paper Chandelier from
This gorgeous chandelier was created by Jessica of Décor Adventures. It combines wax paper, a wire hanging basket, and a little handy work to make one for yourself, but don’t worry, Jessica has outlined each step on her site for you to follow along.

Wax Paper1 Roundup of Inspirational DIY Lighting

Hanging Wax Paper Chandelier
Photo Credit:

Custom Chandelier Shades from In My Own Style
This stylish piece was created by Diane of In My Own Style. Equipped with just a few dollars’ worth of supplies such as scrap paper and crystal beads, she shows us that any ordinary fixture can be reinvigorated with a sense of flair. The best part…now that you have the tools and the vision, you can easily change out the style of the shade to match any theme.

Custom Shades1 Roundup of Inspirational DIY Lighting

Custom Chandelier Shades
Photo Credit: In My Own Style

Wired Basket Pendants from Ashley Ann Photography
And the best use of an old basket goes to…. Ashley Ann Photography with her Anthropologie inspired pendant lights! Now, our mothers always said not to put all of our eggs in one basket, I don’t think they expected to ever have to warn us against too many bulbs. Check out Ashley’s guide to making the lights at the linked page above, and try making your own version.

Wire Basket Roundup of Inspirational DIY Lighting

Wire Basket Pendant
Photo Credit: Ashley Ann Photography

Bicycle Chain Chandelier designed by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga via
Check out the sublime and impressive work of Carolina Fontoura Alzaga. She pieced together recycled bicycle chains to create a series of sculptures such as this unique chandelier. Hang one of these in your foyer for an easy conversation starter with any jaw-dropped guest.

Bike Chain Roundup of Inspirational DIY Lighting

Bicycle Chain Chandelier
Photo Credit: Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

Wine Bottle Light from

Rounding out our post is this romantic looking light that was created by Amanda Wright of Wit & Whistle after a road trip through California. For wine enthusiasts that like to save the memory of each bottle, take it a step further by drilling a hole in the side and filling it with Christmas lights. From afar it almost appears as if the bottle were filled with fireflies, giving it the ability to evoke memories of relaxing summer nights on the back porch.

Wine Bottle Roundup of Inspirational DIY Lighting

Wine Bottle Light
Photo Credit: Wit & Whistle wants to extend a special thank you to the fabulous designers above for sharing and inspiring us all! We would like to have another round-up of great inspiration just like this, so please send any examples or guest post ideas that you have to brian AT lamps DOT com. Stay tuned for the next showcase of inspirational DIY lighting – we can’t wait to put it together!