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Design Share’s Lighting Roundup!

Ask any interior designer what key elements contribute to the success of a room, and it’s guaranteed that good lighting will be in the top three. Whatever the function of the room, we rely on great lighting to bring it to life. With all the lighting choices available, it’s certain you can find a fixture to fit your style, budget and performance needs all in one. The best marriage of form AND function, lighting really does bring everything together.

Personally, I like my lighting to make a statement, over the top in size and/or color or something really unusual, while some may want their lighting to blend in or be less noticeable. To me, there are really no  ‘rules,’ just whatever suits your needs and looks good in the space. Again, with all the choices available, the options are almost endless.

Lamps.com recently contacted me and asked if I would like to share some of my favorite lighting choices from their site, which is a terrific site offering hundreds of fixtures for all your lighting needs. Everything from Craftsman style chandeliers to Moroccan inspired pendants, mid-century modern silhouettes, contemporary track lighting, table lamps, ceiling fans and even outdoor lighting. You could spend days ogling all the beautiful fixtures they have available! I rounded up a few of my favorites to share with you here.

group1 Design Shares Lighting Roundup!
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I love the juxtaposition of super modern vs. very feminine going on here. I might use this pairing in a nursery….the cluster of glass globes being the main ceiling fixture and a pair of the feminine fluted glass pendants on each end of a long dresser/changing table.

group4 Design Shares Lighting Roundup!
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You can’t go wrong with a classic gourd shaped table lamp in crisp black and white. For extra oomph, add black grosgrain ribbon to the top and bottom edge of the shade. The strappy ribbing of the pendant references the gourd shape, making this duo a great pairing for a modern, sophisticated and clean look.


group2 Design Shares Lighting Roundup!
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Love, Love, Love this look! I call it Modern Moroccan. These two fixtures work well together because they share the same finish, in this case silver. That’s something to think about when choosing your lighting; Two really different styles CAN work together if married in color, texture or finish. I see the Moroccan influenced pendant in a group of three placed over a kitchen island, and the sputnik fixture in the adjacent great room.

group5 Design Shares Lighting Roundup!
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Another great gourd shape and an open frame design would work really well in a sun room/enclosed porch or an exotic inspired girls room.

group3 Design Shares Lighting Roundup!
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Again, two really different styles united in shape and finish. Great for a library or against dark walls for a hint of shine and warmth.

These a just a FEW of my favorites from Lamps.com, but really there are hundreds more to see…I had a hard time narrowing it down to just these ten fixtures!

A special thanks to Laura Hayes from Design Share for her lighting roundup!