Tips for Decorating your Space with Wall Art

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Wall art has the potential to do so much more than simply cover up bare walls. Decorating with wall art allows you to craft a dynamic interior with different colors and textures.  Wall art should reflect your personal style while making an impact on the space. Here are a few tips for dressing up your walls in style.


Make a statement

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A statement piece – whether it be a piece of art, an eye-catching chandelier, or a bold area rug – should also be a conversation piece. Make a statement with vibrant colors and fun patterns. Arranging art above a bed, sofa or console allows the art to be the focus of the room. Adding other decorative accents can complement the piece by playing on the colors and small details.


…Or keep it neutral

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If a bold statement piece doesn’t suit the vibe of your space, choose a piece with neutral tones. Not only do neutral colored pieces brighten up a space, they will fit in with most color schemes. That means the piece will have the flexibility to be moved around and situated in many areas of your home at different times. You’ll have the freedom to redecorate and rearrange wall art without having to worry about purchasing a whole new piece.

Use art in place of a window

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If you are decorating a small space such as a studio apartment or a home office, use wall art to your advantage by creating an illusion that will maximize the square footage. Place artwork that resembles nature and the outdoors in place of a window. Seeing a depiction of the great outdoors such as the beach, mountains or even flowers is second best to the real thing.



Illuminate effectively

Draw attention to the artwork by highlighting the piece with the right light. If the room is lit nicely and evenly, you may not need to add additional lighting for the art. Otherwise, use track lights or ceiling mounted spotlights that can be adjusted to angle light directly onto the art. Picture lights mounted to the wall produce a warm, intimate atmosphere around the artwork. Picture lights are a great option for pieces of art that have fine details.


Cluster a few pieces together

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Create a gallery or collection of art pieces by hanging them together in a cluster. Be sure to anchor the cluster with a console, book shelf or some other piece of furniture. You will want to mix up the shapes of the frames, like the combination of rectangles and squares shown above. Hang the pieces close together, leaving about two to three inches in between each frame.


Get Design Help From a Personal Shopper


Lastly, choose wall art that reflects your personality and individual style. Whether you prefer modern wall art or pieces that have a more classic feel, the art should blend in well with your interior design. For help choosing the perfect wall art for your space, send us some photos of your interior and one of our Design Experts will do the work for you! Send any information to [email protected] to get started.