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How to Decorate with Wall Sconces

When space is limited and overhead light is too bright, a wall sconce can be a great option for dressing up your space. While they can be small in size, wall sconces can carry plenty of style. From up light to down light, swing arm to lantern style, we have a number of options to choose from. Pick one that appeals to you and suits the style of your home. We will show you creative ways to use wall sconces to decorate your home.

Three Creative Ways to Incorporate Wall Sconces into Your Space

Bedside Reading

Accent your Kitchen

Line your Hallway

Instead of using lamps on your bedside table, flank your bed with wall sconces to save space and declutter. This will open up space on your side table for books, flowers and other decorative accessories.

Bedside sconces can provide direct task lighting for reading or working in bed. Installing your sconce on a dimmer is a great way to control the brightness and protect your eyes will getting ready for bed.

Hardwired and plug-in options are available, depending on your needs in the space. Choose a sconce with a swing arm for adjustability and mobility.

♦ Sconces are an unexpected option in the kitchen and can provide task or ambient lighting. Using sconces near or above the sink or beside a window is a creative way to play with the lighting in your space.

Use sconces in the kitchen to highlight beautiful shelves, dinnerware, or even pieces of art.

♦ Tasks such as preparing food and washing dishes are more easily illuminated by focused sconce lighting. The light output from sconces combined with any overhead light in the kitchen will provide ample illumination for the space.

♦ The use of multiple sconces in a row in any space packs a big design punch. Coupled with a fun patterned wall paper (like this!), sconces make great wall accessories. 

Use multiple sconces in a hallway to highlight art or architectural elements. Lining a hallway or staircase with sconces draws attention to the beautiful details of the space, while helping to guide guests through your home.

♦ Sconces can cast light up, down, sideways, or in all directions, creating light patterns with visual appeal.

Warm Modern How to Decorate with Wall Sconces
Hudson Valley Rutland Wall Sconce

Sometimes it is hard to tell if your space would be better suited with a table lamp, ceiling light or wall sconce. The key to determining the right type of light is to first determine the purpose of the light. Take it from Homepolish Designer Justin DiPiero, who understands the importance of having certain questions answered before choosing a fixture: