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Dale Tiffany’s Hand Blown Glass

210px Louis Comfort Tiffany c. 1908 190x3001 Dale Tiffanys Hand Blown GlassDale Tiffany history began over a century ago by Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Many thought it would be tough to get out of his fathers shadow, Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co. jewelry.  But he did it and did it well! He began the art glass phenomenon by using discarded stain glass window pieces from churches and he also colored glass from cheap jelly jars.  But soon enough he began producing his own hand-blown glass, placing each individual pieces side by side, secured by the “copper foil technique” creating a beautiful lamp shade.  Louis Tiffany had many influences for his unique art glass most important was his affinity toward nature.  Not only can you find fixtures with designs of birds, animals, and flowers, but also hand painted reversed shades with spectacular floral and exotic bird paintings, originally created by Phillip J. Handle.

Chances are you grew up staring at a beautiful Tiffany lamp in your Grandma’s den.  Don’t be afraid to ask if she’s ready to pass it down, these fixtures were and are made with only the highest quality materials and make for a timeless piece that are suitable for any occasion.  To view all of Dale Tiffany’s products, check out the Dale Tiffany brand page.