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Classic Lighting Style Guide

Timeless design has the power to endure. It incorporates designs, colors and styles that seamlessly transition throughout many decades. Traditional pieces have the ability to outlast trends and fads. It is important to invest in pieces that have longevity, such as classic lamps and chandeliers. Here, we will outline what makes a light fixture a classic, timeless piece.

Aveline Detail Classic Lighting Style Guide
The Aveline Collection from Feiss

Classic Lighting Style Defined

The elements of classic lighting are ornamental and elaborate. Detailed craftsmanship and elegant silhouettes are essential details in classic lighting. Classic fixtures tend to be the focal point of a room. Picture a gorgeous crystal chandelier, which is a perfect example of classic lighting. Other elements of classic lighting include dark wood materials, linen shades paired with gold, bronze, or brass finishes. Shape and symmetry are important to the design of classic light fixtures. Smooth curves and gentle edges are the foundation of classic decor.

“A grand statement-making light fixture sets the tone for traditional formality in an entry or living room.”

Classic interior design style incorporates historical influences from Colonial, Victorian and European eras. If you are in the process of planning your dream space, you might look for inspiration from a charming and cozy bed and breakfast or a palace in the countryside.

Timeless fixtures are flexible and offer an iconic touch to a number of interior design styles. Even if your space is modern or contemporary, a classic table lamp or sconce can add a small yet sophisticated touch to your space. Crystal chandeliers look beautiful within an industrial-style restored warehouse. Formal chandeliers can add the right amount of style to your space.

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Eurofase Palmisano Chandelier

Three Tips for Illuminating Your Space with Classic Style Lighting

Tip 1

When shopping for new lighting, consider how you use the room. Rooms that are typically used for entertaining, gathering and socializing should have a decorative fixture as a source of general light. This can be a statement item that also poses as a conversation for you and your guests. Alternatively, a classic style bath vanity light will be more functional than decorative for task lighting purposes.

Tip 2

Use lamps to create balance and symmetry. Classic style is defined by symmetry, so create harmony with matching pairs of table lamps on either side of the bed or sofa. It is common to see this trend with accent furniture such as two of the same arm chair in a living room area.

Tip 3

Create continuity from room to room. Select fixtures that complement each other so that the space appears consistent in design. The fixtures don’t necessarily have to match, but coordinating finish colors and details can contribute to the balance and symmetry of the space.

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