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Child-Proofing Lamps in Your Home

When it comes to children, safety is always the greatest concern. Children love to run around and explore, and the world fuels their curiosity in every direction. That's why it's so important for parents to be watchful and aware of their child's surroundings, especially in the home, where a lot of time is spent. As they say, “Safety first!” Once safety concerns are properly addressed, children can roam about with their inquisitive minds investigating the world around them. Whether you are installing new table lamps in your child’s room, or placing floor lamps in the living room, here are some useful tips and tricks to make your interior lighting safe for your little ones.

DN Arizona Family Play Space 52 Child Proofing Lamps in Your Home
Photographed by Sally Whetten from SALLY WHETTEN PHOTOGRAPHY

Children are literally on a different level, so they see the world through their own miniature perspective. In most instances, they are reaching for something that caught their little eyes, ready to pull or climb their way to the top. That being said, table lamps can present a problem with electrical cords. A child could grab and pull on the lamp cord, causing it to fall. For an easy fix, try taping the cords to the baseboards or running them under furniture or a rug. Secure the excess length by wrapping the cord with a rubber band or velcro strap. For another easy fix, try rearranging so that lamps are placed as far back on the table as possible. Moving the lamps out of their reach will help to minimize accidents.

DN Arizona Family Play Space 187 Child Proofing Lamps in Your Home
Photographed by Sally Whetten from SALLY WHETTEN PHOTOGRAPHY

Wall mounted lights offer an option that is safer than table lamps for small children. This type of lighting eliminates the risk of a child pulling any cords. While wall sconces offer a very safe alternative, they are also a more permanent replacement. You could easily incorporate sconces or possible cove lighting to give off a little needed light in the necessary places.

There are also more innovative lighting techniques that would be safe for the unexpected adventures of your youngsters. Lights that clamp onto side tables are secure and stable. They also allow for more space on smaller tables, which is also a bonus!

These are a few ideas for making your home safe for your little loved ones. Do you have your own creative ideas when it comes to improving your home’s overall design and safety? If you have any thoughts on ways to upgrade your childproof interior, please send your visions to for a possible feature on the site!