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The Team is excited to announce that we have joined with charity: water to allow our customers to make direct charitable donations at checkout.  This makes Team the first online lighting retailer (and one of only a select few e-commerce sites webwide) to partner directly with a high quality charity organization.

Charity: water is dedicated to providing clean drinking water to impoverished communities around the globe.  Presently, more than 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe, clean water for cooking, bathing, agriculture or even drinking.  This lack of safe water and basic hygienic access leads to 80% of all diseases and causes more deaths than all forms of violence – including war.

Charity: water engages in water projects around the globe, building wells in underserved communities.  One well can cost as little as $5,000, while simultaneously helping 250 people get access to clean drinking water!  For many of these people, this is the first clean drinking water they have ever had access to.  Moreover, by providing easy well access, charity: water‘s projects free people from grueling daylong treks in search of water, giving them time to focus on farming or other work beneficial to their families and communities.

What is perhaps most exciting about charity: water, however is the fact that 100% of each donated dollar goes directly to fund water projects.  Administrative costs are funded separately, largely through corporate in-kind donations, so that donors can rest assured that every penny they contribute will go to the people they want to help.

Because of the unique nature of their work, as well as their unique organizational structure, chose charity: water as our charity of choice.  Not only has chosen to match every dollar donated by our customers, we have also committed half of the cost of our first well – $2500.  What’s more, had made those donations simple, by including a charity widget at checkout.  All customers have to do is enter their desired donation amount and does the rest!

The Team is excited and proud to be partnered with charity: water.  We hope that our partnership will bring fresh water to thousands of people in need around the globe.  To find out more, please visit our charity: water page, or