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How to Use Chandeliers Outside of Your Dining Room

Chandeliers are one home accessory that can change the entire look and feel of a room. With character and natural beauty, decorating with chandeliers offers an opportunity to add personality to your space. From crystals to colored shades and textured finishes, chandeliers come in a variety of styles to achieve your desired look. Within the home, there is a place for chandeliers not only in the dining room, but also the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office and more.


Hanging a Chandelier in the Dining Room


Chandeliers are commonly found hanging over a dining room table. When choosing a chandelier, select a fixture that has a diameter that is between half and three quarters of the width of the table. For example, if your dining room table is 48 inches wide and 60 inches long, your chandelier should be somewhere between 24 and 26 inches wide. The chandelier height from the table should be about 30 to 34 inches. For higher ceilings, add about three inches to the hanging height for each additional foot of ceiling height. For example, the chandelier height for a 10 foot ceiling should be hung about 36 to 40 inches over the table. This helpful chandelier size guide from Maxim Lighting includes a calculator to help you determine the ideal chandelier size based on your table dimensions and ceiling height.


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Chandeliers for the Bedroom


Chandeliers can be hung in a bedroom in a few ways – in the middle of the room, above the bed, or over a nightstand. When hung above the bed, the chandelier becomes the focal point of the room. It also is the best way to light up the entire room and provide overall illumination. Hang the chandelier at least seven feet above the floor. Chandeliers placed over a nightstand tend to be smaller in size, so mini chandeliers work well in this application. Swap out the predictable bedside table lamp for a fun chandelier on both sides of the bed to add a fun element of design to your room. When it comes to hanging height, leave about 20 to 30 inches in between the bottom of the chandelier and the nightstand.


Kitchen Chandelier Ideas


Hanging a glamourous chandelier in the kitchen can instantly add a sophisticated and elegant touch. Whether installed in the center of the kitchen or in pairs over an island, chandeliers serve as works of art in the kitchen.



Chandeliers for your Bathroom or Powder Room


There’s no doubt that chandeliers look gorgeous in bathrooms. However, safety always comes before style, so make sure you’re following the necessary electrical code to make sure the fixture is safe for a damp environment. Before purchasing any bathroom fixture, make sure it’s U.L. listed for wet or damp locations. This information will be listed on the product page. The National Electrical Code has safety guidelines around the installation of chandeliers, so be sure to consult your electrician to make sure you are compliant.


Home Office Chandeliers


Take your home office from boring to gorgeous with a chandelier above the workspace or desk. Most home offices are small, so a mini chandelier will add just the right amount of sparkle to the space. A linear suspension (shown below) is the perfect addition to a modern workspace.

Chandeliers for your Entryway or Foyer


Chandeliers make your entry or foyer a grand entrance. Welcome your guests with spectacular fixture that will set the tone for the rest of the home. In most foyers, a chandelier should hang about 7 feet from the floor. In a two-story foyer, a chandelier should hang about 9 feet off the floor and be centered in the windows so it can be seen from outside.


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