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Carpyen Adds Modern, European Style to continues to expand our selection of premium lighting brands with the addition of Carpyen by Tango.  Carpyen embodies the bold principles of the great European design studios.  Based in Barcelona since their inception more than sixty years ago, Carpyen utilizes a cadre of world-renowned designers to develop a breadth of contemporary lighting fixtures sure to make an audacious statement in your home.  Take, for example, the Signora XX Large floor lamp seen below.  This stunning light stands over seven feet tall and will certainly make a lasting impression on everyone who sees it in your home!

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Carpyen’s Signora XX Large Floor Lamp

Carpyen’s distinct design philosophy is the result of their reliance upon a team of award winning designers.  Each designer brings to Carpyen a particular individual flavor, resulting in a latitude of designs rarely seen with other lighting firms.  Designers such as Estela + Nero, Porcuatro, Gabriel Teixido, Jordi Mila, L’Estudi, Daifuku, Nova+, and Pascual Salvador have all lent their talents to develop Carpyen’s extensive catalog of contemporary lighting fixtures.  The Robinson 25″ pendant shown below is just one example of Carpyen’s many contemporary lighting fixtures.  Designed by Gabriel Teixido, the Robinson is a truly unique pendant that will surely serve as a statement piece in any room in your home.

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Carpyen’s Robinson 25″ Pendant

Carpyen presents a diverse selection of table and floor lamps, ceiling lights, pendants and wall lights.  In addition, Carpyen also offers a full range of modern outdoor lights, allowing you to expand your contemporary living space to encompass both indoors and out.  Few other contemporary lighting design firms offer both indoor and outdoor lighting options that tie together so seamlessly.  The ZIGZAG outdoor lamp seen below can double as a seating surface, bringing light and functionality to your outdoor space! Additionally, Carpyen has a full line of energy efficient LED lighting.  LED lights are the zenith of green technology, offering both reduced energy usage and bright, warm, instant light.

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Carpyen’s ZIGZAG 13.4″ Outdoor Light

Take a look at Carpyen’s lineup of sleek, modern lighting fixtures.  You are sure to be impressed by their practical, contemporary designs, and you are certain to find a lighting fixture that will grace your home and impress your guests for years to come.