Bath Vanity Lighting Buying Guide

You know how important proper lighting is for your bathroom. Here are our top tips for achieving the best light in your bathroom.

Frame the mirror

Measure for size

Mimic daylight

♦ For the most flattering light, mount wall sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror to evenly cast light without shadows.

♦ Hang wall sconces around eye level of the primary user.

♦ If you don’t have room on either side of the mirror, a vanity light or bath bar above the mirror is a great option for task lighting.

♦ Most vanity lights come in a variety of sizes with multiple lights to suit small and large spaces.

♦ Bath vanity lights should be between 70 to 90% of the width of the mirror. 

♦ To avoid looking out of balance, fixtures should not be wider than the width of the mirror.

♦ Make your bathroom bright enough with multiple light sources so you can safely and easily perform daily tasks. 

♦ Aim for a white light with a color temperature between 2700K and 3000K. This is ideal for master bathrooms. 

♦ Mimic the quality of natural daylight to produce the most flattering light. 

- Barbara Barry, Interior Designer

Bathroom Lighting Ideas By Style

Styling techniques for bathrooms change depending on the style. Please view our recommendations to accommodate your bathroom properly.  

Modern Bath Vanity Lighting

Modern bathrooms are bright and refreshing spaces. Create a simple yet stunning bathroom with these ideas.

  • ♦ Aim for a clean and uncluttered look
  • ♦ Choose fixtures with metal, polished or chrome finishes
  • ♦ Embrace simple lines and strong geometric shapes as key elements in modern design
  • ♦ Keep in mind the light should be both functional and decorative
0006 span app 1 768x701 Bath Vanity Lighting Buying Guide
Span LED Bath Vanity Light by Tech Lighting

Contemporary Bath Vanity Lighting

Contemporary bathroom style is minimal and ultra-sleek. Design a bathroom with an atmosphere that is welcoming and soothing.

  • ♦ Go for simple & stylish designs with clean lines
  • ♦ Common features include frosted glass, LED technology, and metallic finishes
  • ♦ This style is great for powder rooms or master bathrooms
  • ♦ While very fashion-forward, this style is also practical and necessary for everyday use
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As seen in the 2016 Philadelphia Design Home

Classic Bath Vanity Lighting

Classic bathroom design never goes out of style. Illuminate the luxurious elements of the space with fixtures that complement the design.

  • ♦ Traditional bath vanity lights are elegant and timeless in design
  • ♦ Elaborate features and detailed craftsmanship contribute to the beauty of classic bathrooms
  • ♦ Choose unique forms such as bell or globe-shaped glasses for a classic look
  • ♦ Consider wattage and brightness to ensure bath lights provide sufficient task lighting
ProspectPark Vanity Bath 1024x1007 Bath Vanity Lighting Buying Guide
Prospect Park Bath Vanity by Feiss

Rustic Bath Vanity Lighting

Rustic bathrooms are relaxing and cozy. Incorporate natural materials to create an indoor sanctuary.  

  • ♦ Wood and other elements closely related to nature are typically seen in rustic bathrooms
  • ♦ Rustic bath vanity lights should complement the features of the bathroom, including the mirror frame and cabinet
  • ♦ Vanity lights that create a warm glow are ideal to make the space serene
  • ♦ Distressed and antique finishes are essential to rustic bathroom vanity lighting
mini larkspur wall01 app 1024x1018 Bath Vanity Lighting Buying Guide
Mink Larkspur Wall Sconce by Tech Lighting

Industrial Bath Vanity Lighting

Industrial style spaces make use of architectural elements and exposed structure. Achieve this trendy look with industrial style wall sconces and vanity lights.

  • ♦ Industrial bath vanity lights are versatile and can fit into almost any style bathroom
  • ♦ Vintage Edison bulbs are commonly used in industrial style fixtures
  • ♦ Choose fixtures with recycled and raw materials, such as metal finishes and glass shades
  • ♦ Caged and urban style wall lights complement vintage furnishings
45458CH 45457CH Kichler Braelyn Chrome Bath 1 Bath Vanity Lighting Buying Guide
Braelyn Collection by Kichler


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