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Bright Ideas for Back to School

b2s Bright Ideas for Back to SchoolThere’s no better time to redecorate and refresh your space than the start of a new school year. Whether you are decorating your first dorm room, or redecorating an apartment, the start of the school year brings on the opportunity to give new life to your space.


These tips will make the transition back to school as seamless as possible, and will help you make your space a home away from home. Get ready for back to school with a few decorative touches here and there to gear up for the year ahead. 

Dorm Room & Apartment Living


Dorm rooms are notorious for being tiny and dark. They typically have overhead fluorescent lighting, which can be harsh and artificial. Brighten up the space with lamps. Portable table lamps and floor lamps are essential to the college lifestyle because they can travel with you year after year and each time you move.

Illuminating your workspace is crucial for late night studying and burning the midnight oil. Choose a desk lamp that reflects your style and takes up minimal space alongside your textbooks, laptop and other desk accessories.

Even if your room has a large window, you’ll still need ample light on dark days and when the sun goes down. Floor lamps help to brighten up a dark corner and provide overall illumination to the room.


Area rugs add instant style to your room in a big way. A rug can immediately change the look and feel of the room. Whether your style is bright and bold, soft and feminine, or warm and boho, we have an area rug to fit. A multicolored rug allows you to play with the color scheme of the rest of your accessories, like a comforter and pillows. A solid rug pairs well with a busy bedspread and colorful wall art. Keep in mind the layout of the room to determine the size and shape of the rug. The most popular size area rug for a standard dorm room is 5″ x 8″ because it covers up most of the open floor space.


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It’s not uncommon for dorm rooms to come with the same, boring desk chair. Make yours comfortable and unique by adding a decorative pillow to the back. If your chair is comfy, you might be more inclined to actually use your desk. Decorative pillows are also great to dress up a bed or futon.


Poufs are awesome for dorm rooms and small apartments because they can be used in a number of ways and are easily moved around. A pouf can be used as an extra seat for your guests or as a coffee table. They can be placed in between two twin beds or arranged within a common area.  Poufs come in various colors and textures, so coordinate with the color scheme of the room, or choose a neutral one that will go with anything.


Our collection of dorm room essentials includes this year’s trendiest patterns, colors and styles. Shop the top picks for desk lamps, floor lamps, area rugs, poufs and pillows here!