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The American Dream Home 2012

ADHLogo The American Dream Home 2012

Westchester Magazine is in the midst of promoting their American Dream Home 2012. The Lead Designer, Susan Anthony, is the President elect of the American Society of Interior Designers and decorated the home. The lighting for the home was beautifully installed by Mark Mosello of Design Lighting by Marks. We are thrilled to provide exclusive interviews with both Susan and Mark on!



1. Susan, how did you enjoy designing the Westchester Magazine American Dream Home 2012 and where did you draw inspiration for it?

I thoroughly enjoyed designing the Westchester Magazine American Dream Home this year! It was a real privilege to be able to work with all of the sponsors and Westchester Magazine on this project. Everybody was extremely professional and knew the products well. The magazine was very supportive and we all worked very well together. It was such a good experience for everyone involved including the sponsors, the magazine and us. It was great exposure in getting our collective work out to the public and it was very collaborative.

We drew the inspiration from two places: Joe Kotter and I went on field trip and liked a tile we decided to use – this inky blue brickwork. There was also a hanging lamp in the breakfast room, a warm silk shade. Our color story began with orange, blue, fennel seed yellow and creamy white. These helped us draw inspiration for the design of the Dream Home.

JI5A0852 683x1024 The American Dream Home 2012

2. When designing the Westchester Magazine American Dream Home 2012, what design themes did you keep in mind?

My design partner Marianna and I wanted to design a house that was causal and comfortable. We wanted to design a home that was homey and enveloping, but also had a modern slant. Now everybody that comes into the American Dream Home 2012 wants to sit down and cozy up by the fire in the living room!

3. The Dream Home bathroom in particular features an incredible light fixture. Could you design an entire room after finding a piece like this or do you integrate lighting later in the design process?

Sometimes we start with lighting but sometimes we get lucky. In the upstairs master bath, we wanted to go with two Kohler fixtures that came down on either side of the mirrors; they had a finish that didn’t quite go. We found an amazing alternative that was made from recycled aluminum cans that looked wonderful and brought the whole thing together. In the downstairs bath, we had pre-lighted cabinets and from there we were able to come up with a chandelier that perfectly set off the stream of water that comes from the ceiling into the bathtub. It looks like crystal coming down from the ceiling!

Dream Home Bathroom 1 1024x683 The American Dream Home 2012Dream Home Bathroom 2 1024x683 The American Dream Home 2012

4. Mark, What is your design approach when creating a lighting scheme?

The concept with our lighting is soft, understated, and elegant. The whole key is creating a lighting scheme where you cannot see the glare of the bulbs and nothing looks glitchy. Walking up to someone’s home and not seeing the source of the lighting. That’s what makes it look beautiful. We want your home to look soft, understated & elegant. The welcoming effect will never give credit to the lighting & no one should be aware that it’s the lighting that makes it so welcoming.

5. Susan, do you have any tips for bringing a room to life by featuring the lighting?

Lighting is very important. Most people think of it as an afterthought. We found amazing LED high hat lights from Lutron and they cast a wonderful warm glow. If people don’t change their down lights, it can lead to miserable lighting. There are so many more modern, cost efficient and beautiful options. I think it is important to have down lighting before starting a room. It should be well lit on every level. There are so many options when lighting – ambient, romantic, targeted light for art. All of it is important; the best rooms are well thought out in terms of light sources.

JI5A1211 683x1024 The American Dream Home 2012

6. What room do you feel can best incorporate a statement light piece and why?

Any room can make a statement with its lighting – even small rooms. I love putting a fun chandelier in a small room. We even used some vintage lamps from 1950 updated with new wiring and new lampshades; these brought a unique light to the space. I love the chandeliers in living rooms and family rooms. The high ceiling living room in Westchester Magazine’s American Dream Home was perfect to fill with a great chandelier. I think the best kind of room has seamless lighting. When it all blends together, it can really make the space sparkle!

JI5A0700 683x1024 The American Dream Home 2012

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* Important side note: Ethan Allen was responsible for designing the master bedroom.