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5 Lighting Essentials

lightingessentials 5 Lighting Essentials

Lighting is essential to the design of a room.  It’s not only useful. but it has the power to set the tone for the feel of a space.  I often think of it as the jewelry of a room design.  And more often than not I choose the lighting first, and then let that shape the direction of the rest of the room.  It’s one of the easiest home improvements you can make and it offers the most bang for the design buck!  An outdated home can most definitely be brought back to life simply by changing the fixtures.  Here are what I like to think of as the 5 most important lighting essentials.

1. The Chandy –  Never underestimate the power of a beautiful chandelier!  And don’t be afraid to think outside the dining room – a master bedroom, bathroom and even a large walk-in closet can be made more beautiful and inviting with a gorgeous chandelier.  I’m a big fan of this brass chandy pictured above; it’s timeless!

2. The Floor Lamp A floor lamp is perfect in places where lighting is needed but a table just won’t fit.  Next to a chair in the corner of a bedroom it creates a cozy reading nook.  I especially love a floor lamp in a nursery design.

3. The Pendant – I believe every kitchen needs at least one pendant light.  Two or three are great over a kitchen island and work well for task lighting, but even if you’re kitchen doesn’t have an island one is just perfect over the sink.  They’re also great in narrow hallways with tall ceilings!

4. The Sconce – While sconces are traditionally used in bathrooms to flank a mirror, they also work quite well in an entry foyer.  They create a beautiful focal point when flanking a treasured piece of art in any room, and make fabulous bedside lights in a master bedroom.

5. The Table Lamp  – The options are endless for a table lamp whether purchased in pairs or used alone.  The greatest thing about them is when you move they’re easy to box up and take with you!  I typically choose neutral lamps like the one pictured above and every so often I play a little game of musical lamps moving my lamps around and giving each room a fresh look without spending any money!

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