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Uttermost Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, & Lights

    Ceiling Lights

    Uttermost has wide variety of chandeliers and pendants that are perfect for your dinning room or foyer. Additionally, Uttermost semi-flush and flush mount lighting is perfect for your hallways and interior rooms. Uttermost’s most popular chandelier collection, Vetraio, features oil rubbed bronze finishes with toffee art glass shades. Uttermost also recently added the Gilman collection which boasts the highest grade materials and is in keeping with the Uttermost tradition of high quality lamps.

    Wall Lights

    Uttermost’s hanging light fixtures have complementary wall sconces. The Alita, Vitalia and Vetaio collections have products that crossover from pendants to table lamps and wall sconces. The Vetaio collection has several wall lights that are often used in the bathroom as vanity lights and many of the single wall sconces are used as hallway lighting.


    Uttermost lamps are its most popular product category. Table lamps are consistently their best. Uttermost table lamps and buffet lamps typically include many styles of ceramic and porcelain bases. Also, Uttermost lamps feature earth tones and antique gold and bronze finishes. If you are trying to furnish your outdoor spaces, Uttermost has a selection of floor and table lamps suited for outdoor lighting conditions.

    About Uttermost

    Uttermost’s mission is to be passionate about building quality home accessories at a reasonable price. Uttermost lighting includes, lamps, chandeliers, sconces, pendants, semi-flush mounts and bath vanity lights. All Uttermost fixtures are hand finished, keeping their high standards in mind. Each fixture’s finish is a multi-step process that involves hand leafing gold or silver and layering glazes and stains. The designs are extremely unique, each fixture completely different from the next. The accessories on each fixture complete the piece and without them they would be bland and easy to replicate. Uttermost Lamps sets themselves apart from the competition by using novel materials.

    Uttermost History

    Uttermost is a second generation family owned business, founded in 1975, by Bob and Belle Cooper. Today, Uttermost is run by Mac Cooper, President and CEO.

    Uttermost’s growth has enabled it to build facilities and operations in Rocky Mountain, VA, Riverside CA and Guangxi, China.  Uttermost focuses the majority of their operations in their 600,000 SF facility in Rocky Mountain, VA. 

    Why does love Uttermost?’s first introduction to Uttermost was while working on Alla Spina, a restaurant in Philadelphia where the Alita large and small metal pendants are featured.  The team realized that Uttermost lamps and fixtures fit the style and populated the site with all of their lighting fixtures.

    Uttermost Designers

    Uttermost’s unique designs are the work of the award-winning designers Carolyn Kinder, Grace Feyock, Matthew Williams, Billy Moon, David Frisch, and Joe Famulari.

    Carolyn Kinder has over twenty years of experience in the home industry and has been designing Uttermost for ten years. In 2000, she became the first woman to receive the ART Academy of Achievement award. 

    Grace Feyock has designed home décor products for over thirty years. Grace started her career as a fine art watercolorist, where she developed a unique and recognizable style. Using this and her other artistic talents, her artwork grew into a successful framed art business in 1982.

    Matthew Williams was recognized as a premier home furnishings designer in 1998 at the age of 26 when he designed two lamps for Maitland-Smith that broke all the company’s previous records for lighting sales. These lamps are still in production today. They are the Balloon lamp and the renowned Maitland-Smith Monkey lamp.

    Billy Moon ian icon in the home furnishings industry, has been designing unique product for over two decades. Billy first made a name for himself with the launch of the Moon Collection in the 80’s. Following his new product introduction, Billy opened his own exclusive factory in Mexico to produce his designs. As a result of his immediate success. He received the ARTS award, the most prestigious home furnishings award in the industry, for three straight years in the early 1990’s. Few companies or designers have ever achieved this in the industry.

    David Frisch was born in Arizona in 1965. He attended the University of Arizona in Tucson and graduated from the College of Architecture in 1988. With his future wife, Susan Frank, in 1992, he formed Frank + Frisch, a multidisciplinary design consultancy in Los Angeles. Their work was widely published in the U.S. and internationally and they received awards from ID magazine and inclusion in the 1994 International Design Fair. 

    Joe Famulari has forty years of designing experience, Joe’s designs are both traditional and eclectic with a hint Asian influence.

    Uttermost Faq's

    How do I clean my Uttermost light fixtures?

    The best way to clean your Uttermost light fixture is with a clean, dry, soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleansers on your Uttermost fixtures as they could damage the finish.  Glass pieces can be removed and cleaned with soap and water.

    How big should my Uttermost Chandelier or pendant be?

    The correct way to choose your chandelier size divide the diameter of the table underneath in half. It is always best to err on the smaller side. The fixture should be hung roughly 30-32 inches above the tabletop.

    How do you determine the necessary ambient light?

    The best way to determine how much light your room needs is to multiple the room’s square footage by 1.5. The resulting number will give you the wattage needed to properly light the room.