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Trend Lighting & Lamps

Ceiling Lights

No matter how large or small Trend Lightings chandeliers, pendants or flush mount lights are, they portray chic and contemporary style. This collection offers clean shapes, mixing of textures, rounded edges and the use of cotton, linen, and wood. Find your new favorite Trend Lighting fixture today!


Combining various stone and glass textures and materials such as fine linen and woven aluminum strands, Trend Lighting lamps will bring an organic, soothing feel to a den or bedroom. The lamp bases range in materials and can be found in neutral colors or deep reds and greens, which work well as either an accent lamp or standard piece in a living room. Trend Lighting also carries a slew of chrome, satin, or brushed nickel finishes, perfect for office task lighting. Make your space shine today - with a Trend Lighting lamp.

About Trend Lighting

Trend Lighting has over 30 years of experience in custom manufacturing in the lighting industry. Holding their light production to the highest standards, Trend Lighting fixtures are crafted from the finest materials available including hand blown glass, custom turned wood, and hand forged ironwork. Trend light shades are made of linens, silks, parchments, and more. The multi step finishing process adds depth to the color, highlights unique imperfections and protects the fixture from harsh elements, ensuring lasting beauty for years to come. Trend's high quality materials combined with innovative modern design techniques make for a perfectly trendy lamp that is sure to complement any room.

Why does love Trend Lighting?

Trend Lighting designs contemporary and fashionable pieces at an affordable price.  Trend's lamps, chandeliers, and pendants are trendy, hip, and fun (just like  Trend Lighting incorporates a lot of hand blown glass into their fixtures, allowing them to be extremely unique in the décor of your home, differing from other lamps and lighting fixtures out there. 


trend Lighting FAQ's
  • Are Trend Lighting Fixtures Dimmable?

With the exception of the fluorescent sconces, all fixtures shown can be dimmed with a properly rated wall switch.  For fixtures with an electric transformer, a dimmer switch designed for low-voltage electronic transformers is required.  Trend Lighting's LED chandeliers are designed to be dimmed with normal incandescent wall dimmers.

  • Can I Install Trend Lighting Fixtures On An Angled (Sloped) Ceiling?

The majority of the Trend light fixtures do not require a level mounting surface, however we recommend confirming with your installer or with Trend Lighting prior to installation.   

  • Are There Any Special Installation Requirements For Heavy Fixtures?

 Many Trend Lighting fixtures are heavier in nature due to the components used.  These may require the use of reinforced J-Boxes or additional support in the ceiling.  Trend Lighting recommends these types of light fixtures to only be installed by a licensed electrician. 

  • What is a Neutral White LED Bulb?

This is a newer type of LED that offers higher light output and better color rendition than a cool white led.  They are easy on the eye and an excellent choice for applications where color accuracy is important.