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Oberon Collection by Sonneman Lighting

Add some contemporary lighting to your decor with these Oberon sconces by Sonneman. These lighting fixtures save space while adding a stylish touch. Match your shade and finish colors to your space, whether it is satin white, black bronze, or perforated black bronze. With 18-watt quad CFL light bulbs, these sconces also provide energy efficiency.
  • Sonneman - Oberon Slim Sconce

    Sonneman - Oberon Slim Sconce

    Price From: $178.20 - $220.00
  • Sonneman - Oberon Double Sconce

    Sonneman - Oberon Double Sconce

    Price From: $307.80 - $380.00
  • Sonneman - Oberon Sconce

    Sonneman - Oberon Sconce

    Price From: $243.00 - $300.00