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Lim 360 Collection by Pablo Designs

LIM360 is the second conceptualization of the Lim lamp series, and extends the minimalist, less-is-more ideals of its younger sibling. In addition to the continuous length of high efficiency, high output LED lights and 360 degree arm movement the Lim lamps share, LIM360 also includes an integrated USB port and soft, textured base for charging and storing portable electronic devices. LIM360 is available in a range colors, both neutral and vibrant.

The Designer: Pablo Studio

LIM360 was designed by Pablo Studio, a small conglomerate of industrial designers, craftsmen and inventors, who together possess deep understanding of materials, craftsmanship and technology. Guided by Pablo Pardo and Justin Champaign, Pablo Studio subscribes to the philosophy that 'less is more,' focusing their designs around a central, guiding core concept.

  • Pablo Designs - Lim 360 Desk Lamp

    Pablo Designs - Lim 360 Desk Lamp

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