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Estiluz Lighting & Lamps

    Wall Lights

    Estiluz sconces and swing arm lamps can highlight the contemporary style of a living room or bedroom with the fixture's clean shapes and rounded edges. Bath vanity lighting can provide excellent task lighting while adding sleekness clean design to the bathroom. Brushed nickel finish paired with white satin glass makes these fixtures sophisticated and cutting edge in design.

    Ceiling Lights

    With beautiful shiny and sleek finishes, the semi-flush and flush mount lighting can bring a subtle sophisticated look to a living room or office. The Island lighting can either come in a more traditional look with two or three glass shades or a more modern look, with a track and rail that has bulbs installed into the one piece. Estiluz chandeliers and pendants make a lasting impression because the finish is generally magnified by the reflection.


    Estiluz Lighting offers a variety of styles in their large lamp collection. Table lamps bring together a successful monochromatic scheme and metallic structure that complements the fabric shade, with neither one dominating the other. Estiluz's floor lamps are tall, slender, and sleek topped with a large fabric or handmade spun glass lampshade, balancing the shine, hard lines, and perfect curves of the texture and material. Estiluz also offers chic arc lamps for the modern design lover.

    About Estiluz

    Estiluz Lighting is a leading designer and innovator of contemporary decorative lighting fixtures. Estiluz was founded in 1969 outside of Barcelona, in Girona, Spain by Leonardo Marelli. This innovative lighting company has designed luminaires that inspire top designers and grace gorgeous exhibits in the great cities of the world. Estiluz creates excitement in the lighting industry through its design philosophy of offering the best quality materials and finishes. Estiluz has even developed their own laboratory to research emerging trends in the lighting industry and bring new materials and lamps technologies to market. Estiluz remains one of the world's premier lighting designers and producers and continues to focus on innovation and design.

    Estiluz Designers

    Leonardo Marelli for many years assisted Estudio Técnico Estiluz,  After some years as Estiluz's sole designer, Leonardo Marelli created his own design team. Designers, lamp mechanics and engineers joined his team to concentrate on designing and developing products for Estiluz.

    King & Miranda Design is one of the world's most successful industrial design studios. Its creations use technology and industrial methods in new ways. It has a poetic nature, and is very often humorous. For King & Miranda, design requires attention not only to the technical and financial aspects, but above all to cultural and sociological facets. They believe in contemporary design, beyond any ideology.

    Lagranja Design Company was born on a Pacific island in the summer of 2001. A year later, in Barcelona, Gerard Sanmartí and Gabriele Schiavon started to develop ideas and offer visions and solutions, based on a creative talent that jumps effortlessly between design, architecture and temporary installations. At Lagranja, theory goes hand in hand with practice. Lagranja learns by doing, listening to both instinct and reason. The only style is the attitude and energy that emanates from a project: optimistic, full of vitality and concern for people. Design that is never self-referential or self-satisfied, whose objective is an idea of a project free from conceptual obstacles: eclectic and versatile, capable of moving between different disciplines and typologies. "Logical Fantasy" you could call it. The project is a balance between risk/invention and craft/professionalism. Imagining a goal and finding a path to achieving it has lead Lagranja to take on and work with some of the most prestigious names in the world of design.

    Why does love Estiluz? loves Estiluz for its natural forms and curves, which adds organic and inspiring elements to our office décor!