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Dale Tiffany Lamps & Lighting


    Dale Tiffany lamps have been influenced by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s love for nature but the colors and designs were updated to coordinate with home décor that is popular today. With rare, exotic glass colors and textures on the shades and bronze, brass, and cast metals available for the base, Dale Tiffany lights can blend perfectly in today’s current contemporary or modern homes.

    Ceiling Lights

    Dale Tiffany has light designs and ideas galore, whether you need to brighten your formal dining area, cozy breakfast nook, entry hall, or game room table. These hand blown art glass Tiffany lighting fixtures will allow for maximum appreciation and radiant beauty overhead no matter what style house you have. Base finishes are available in antique bronze and brass in series such as Mission, Geometric, New Ross, Alesandro, Fleur D’Lis, Cathedral, Dragonfly and more.

    About Dale Tiffany

    Dale Tiffany, the world's foremost developer of fine art glass lighting fixtures uses only the highest quality art glass to create truly unique colors and finishes in their fixtures. Dale Tiffany is proud to achieve the same magnificent effect that founder Louis Comfort Tiffany did over a century ago. Each fixture is distinctive, with floral and landscape patterns on hand-rolled art glass, secured with the authentic “copper foil” technique. Each glass shade is inspected to ensure brilliance of color, pattern, continuity and structural integrity. Genuine American art glass is crafted in just a few specialized factories that blend various colors of molten glass to create individualized patterns to mimic subtleties found in nature.

    Dale Tiffany History

    Founded in 1879 Dale Tiffany began manufacturing art glass lamps and windows. Within two years, the company’s main focus became Tiffany-styled lamps and shades, emphasizing Louis Comfort Tiffany’s superb craftsmanship, designs, and timelessness, which he began creating in 1875.  At this time Dale Tiffany became the first factory worldwide to standardize stained-glass production and become a national resource for a product category.

    Louis Comfort Tiffany was a gifted American artist and craftsman.  He began his career as a painter and an interior decorator but during the 1890s he developed techniques for developing new art glass.  First these glass fixtures were placed in windows and ceilings in churches but after the introduction of Thomas Edison’s light bulb, they began being used as lamp shades. 

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    Fun Fact about the Tiffany Family

    It is a little known fact that Louis Comfort Tiffany, the world’s foremost developer of fine art glass lighting, was the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany - founder of Tiffany & Co. jewelry! Dale Tiffany is one classy, timeless statement piece that will always be a worldwide classic.