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Outdoor Lamps & Lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures and fans bring your porch or deck to life by lighting your outdoor living space with stylish copper, brass, or cast aluminum finishes. They enhance the overall appeal of your home and create a welcoming and comfortable setting for you and your guests to enjoy. Outdoor ceiling lights and wall lights provide general lighting for your outdoor area, while an outdoor fan can provide a cooling breeze for your front porch. Installing a dimmer system allows you to adjust your lighting to suit your mood as well as save energy. Energy Star rated landscape fixtures or post lights can help you save energy if you choose to leave lights on when you are away from your house to improve security or welcome your family home. Many outdoor lighting fixtures are UL rated for damp or wet locations, perfect for fixtures that may be exposed to inclement weather or coastal locales.

Mandy's Outdoor Lighting Tips
  • How much light do I need?

Most people buy outdoor lighting for safety and security reasons so don’t think about the amount of light; rather, consider the quality of light.   General guidelines suggest 60-75 watts of incandescent light or 20 watts of CFL. The color of light affects the way the outdoor area appears.  Incandescent bulbs offer a natural light color, High-pressure sodium (HPS) lights emit an orange-yellow light, and metal halide emits a cool white light, which can also create a “sky glow.”  The light should make the objects appear as close to a natural color as possible.

  • Where should I install outdoor lights?

Install the lights where they are needed!  The lighting level should be appropriate to the task and reasonably uniform to avoid a contrast between very bright and very dark areas.  More specifically, two wall sconces or lanterns on either side of a front entrance are appropriate if the architectural space allows.  Consider a hanging lantern if there is a porch or overhead covering.  For garage doors and back doors, select lighting fixtures that match with the front door but don’t overpower the look as a whole.  The mounting height of a wall light fixture should be as low as possible which is typically 66” above the threshold, to reduce glare and provide sufficient light.  Use a lamppost or post light when the front door or garage lights don’t reach your property’s driving and walking area.  And landscape lights help people to see where they are walking while highlighting the natural nighttime scenery.

  • What type of style should I consider?

When choosing the style, first consider the key architectural features of your home and the outdoor surroundings and choose a style that matches.  If you are looking to accentuate your earthy surroundings, use a bronze finish.  Black works to complement almost any surrounding and exterior home décor. Stone finishes can look nice when black is too overpowering.