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Our Team

    Chris Lamp
    Chris DiMarco
    Title:The Man Upstairs
    If I were a light fixture:Floor Lamp
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“Roast Pork Italian” @ Tony Lukes
    Favorite Animal:Panda Bear
    Activities:Cooking, increasing LDL's, shellacing
    Anthony Lamp
    Anthony Balsamo
    Title:The Other Man Upstairs
    If I were a light fixture:Cluster Pendants
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“Pastrami on Rye” @ High Street On Market
    Favorite Animal:Sea Lion
    Activities:Anything new and adventurous. Beachin' it. Pretend play with my kids.
    Amanda Lamp
    Amanda Brendlen
    Title:Director of Fabulous
    If I were a light fixture:Crystal Chandelier
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“Whiskey King” @ Village Whiskey
    Favorite Animal:Grizzly Bear
    Activities:Going to Reading, flirting with the Iceman, paying half
    Tim Lamp
    Tim Goodsell
    Nickname:Ice Man
    Title:Lighting Ambassador
    If I were a light fixture:Little Green Monster
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“Zawzeech” @ Paesano's
    Favorite Animal:Mountain Goat
    Activities:Long walks on the beach, crushing sku's, designing for Tom, spear fishing, kickball, ice sculpting, yachting, designing Kangaroo reversal shirts, sanding windows
    Thomas Lamp
    Thomas Steigerwald
    Nickname:Joe's Assistant
    Title:Tech Guy
    If I were a light fixture:Desk Lamp
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“The Rib Stand” @ Reading Terminal Market
    Favorite Animal:Unicorn
    Activities:Golf, writing code, passing stones
    Billy Lamp
    Billy Marchetti
    Nickname:Dollar Bill
    Title:Taking Care of Business
    If I were a light fixture:Beach Ball Light
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“North Philly Cheesesteak” @ Alla Spina
    Favorite Animal:Billy goat
    Activities:Avoiding strawberry milk, signing twice, finding shirts that fit just right, paying tolls, trying to be as funny as Ed, find a friend
    Nikos Lamp
    Nikos Petrides
    Title:The Utility Player
    If I were a light fixture:Hanging Pendant
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“Frittata Scramble” @ Spread Bagelry
    Favorite Animal:Cheetah
    Activities:Playing fútbol, cooking, reading, traveling, learning to code
    Michael Lamp
    Michael Dornblum
    Title:The Snow Plow
    If I were a light fixture:I would be a Kenny Rogers Roasters neon sign
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“Roast Beef Sandwich” @ Old Original Nick's Roast Beef
    Favorite Animal:Gotta love the dog
    Twitter:Not for me
    Activities:Smoking ribs and brisket. Not so much since I bought a condo but I still consider it a favorite. My backup is now applying new grout to any tiled surface. It's very liberating
    Abbey Lamp
    Abbey Petitt
    Title:Resident Rock Star
    If I were a light fixture:Table Lamp
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“Turkey Club” @ The Dandelion
    Favorite Animal:Koala
    Activities:Decorating, wine consumption, hiring exterminators, avoiding bad feedback
    Katy Lamp
    Katy Guinan
    Nickname:Katy Mac
    Title:The Great Bambino
    If I were a light fixture:Bath Vanity Light
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“Summer Dog” @ Citizens Bank Park
    Favorite Animal:Red Panda
    Activities:Building computers, feeling dissapointed by Philly sports teams
    Nate Lamp
    Nate Moyer
    If I were a light fixture:I'd hang at a bourbon bar
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“Grilled vegan sausage” @ Khyber Pass Pub
    Favorite Animal:My dog dexter
    Activities:Running, being a booze snob, eating smoke
    Holly Lamp
    Holly LaPorte
    Title:Social Media/Brand Ambassador
    If I were a light fixture:Chandelier
    Favorite Philly sandwich:“chicken cheese steak” @ McNally's Tavern
    Favorite Animal:fluffy kittens
    Activities:Dancing in the moonlight, wearing cowboy boots, and concocting cocktails