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DIY Lampshade Challenge

VOTE to enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card!

We selected 11 bloggers to don their creative hats and sent them a plain white drum shade from Lights Up! to decorate however they wanted.  Vote for your favorite, and the winning blogger will win a $100 gift card to give away to one of their lucky readers. Best of all, if you vote for your favorite lampshade below, you’ll be entered to win $50 gift card right here* – that’s two chances to win!

Check out the innovative concepts below and vote for your favorite!

Easy Flower Arrangments  DIY Lampshade Challenge

Just Destiny

lamps plus lampshade contest 680x1024 DIY Lampshade Challenge

Jessica from Mad in Crafts

0U0A7694 682x1024 DIY Lampshade Challenge

Lauren & Denise from Belovely

lampshade embroidered DIY Lampshade Challenge

Jamie from So Much Better With Age

lamps 3 674x1024 DIY Lampshade Challenge

Mary Ann from Domestically Speaking

lampshade makeover2 wm 682x1024 DIY Lampshade Challenge

Abbie from M is for Mama

peekaboo glittered chevron lampshade DIY Lampshade Challenge

Melissa from The Happier Homemaker

500hot11 DIY Lampshade Challenge

Brenda from Cozy Little House

Sea Glass Lamp Shade1 682x1024 DIY Lampshade Challenge

Robin from All Things Heart and Home

monogrammed lamp shade  678x1024 DIY Lampshade Challenge

Yvonne from Stone Gable

 DIY Lampshade Challenge

Melanie from Reasons to Skip the Housework


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158 comments on “DIY Lampshade Challenge

  1. cozy Cottage has such a unique lamp – I love it – almost a crazy quilt type of lamp

  2. Totally enjoyed viewing the entries. I have a very plain lampshade that I’ve been looking for ideas to help spruce it up. They are all very pretty, but I love all things vintage and just love Cozy Little House’s entry!

  3. Gayle Berg on said:

    The entry by Cozy Little House is exquisite! I am totally in love with it. Definitely my favorite.

  4. I think the most creativity went into the Cozy Little House lamp. I love the vintage fabrics and the very unique touch of the glove. So many lovers of vintage our here would love it.

  5. Dorothy Egan on said:

    Lots fo great ideas but my favorite by far is the one by Cozy Little House.

  6. Fran Christensen on said:

    The Cozy Little House shade. I love it, unique and vintage look.

  7. Laura Sudderth on said:

    Cozy Little House. This is a sweet vintage shade. Love the glove!

  8. Janie on said:

    Love Cozy Little House’s lamp shade!!

  9. carol harrison on said:

    I love the lampshade from Cozy Little House. She is so crafty.

  10. Deb Cassady on said:

    Love Stone Gable lamp

  11. Annette Tracy on said:

    My VOTE goes to COZY LITTLE HOUSE! Love the blending of the old and the new. They are all unique!

  12. D Ritchie on said:

    Love Y vonnes from Stone Gable

  13. Elizabeth on said:

    Several cute ideas here, but Cozy Little House has the most classy one I think.

  14. Teresa Stout on said:

    Yvonnes from Stone Gable is the one I like

  15. LOVE Cozy Little House’s shade…so creative!

  16. Pamela on said:

    I love the individual creativity here.
    My vote is for Stone Gable. I would love to have this shade in my home.

  17. Definitely love Cozy Little House’s shade. How inventive to mix the old vintage with the modern lamp base. Really cute.


  18. Love the unique design by Cozy Little House – the treasured vintage items create a warm glow for sure!


  19. Several cute ones here, but I have to go for Just Destiny. Love the old/new mix, the colors are the rage right now and her styling is gorgeous!

  20. Winnie on said:

    Chose the one that most closely represents my style naturally! That’s Yvonne of StoneGable! Clever to make hers with a monogram which really makes it special in her home and can be used in whatever room she decides throughout the year!

  21. Terry on said:

    I want to vote for cozy little done neatly and is innovative. I hope the password thing works this time.

  22. Janice F on said:

    Absolutely love the painted shade from StoneGable! Good work and will be a great addition to any room in the home.

  23. Beth on said:

    Love Stone Gable’s lampshade! What a creative way to personalize a lampshade!

  24. I love the “Cozy Little House” Lamp Shade – adorable and it has my favorite things on it.

  25. Oh I love this round up! The gold and lace… I want!!!

  26. Stone Gable —Yvonne, Over the Top best creation!!!!

  27. Love, Love Yvonne from Stone Gable!!

  28. Yvonne from Stone Gable!!

  29. Sheila Hagler on said:

    Love Yvonne’s lamp shade from Stone Gable. Monograms are so popular now. Love the stripes. Yvonne always do such creative things.

  30. shirley anderson on said:

    Stone Gable is my fave! Starting re-do of my space to glam/shabby chic. This lamp fits the bill!

  31. Patricia Lawlor on said:

    Love Stone Gable’s lamp – want to make one myself

  32. Patricia Lawlor on said:

    love Stone Gable’s lamp – love the gold and the family logo

  33. Deb on said:

    Stone Gable / Beautiful !

  34. I voted! I love the vintage lampshade that Cozy Little House made! It’s gorgeous and one of a kind!

  35. Linda on said:

    Love the Stone Gable lamp – very elegant. Great job, Yvonne!

  36. Acebaby24 on said:

    Robin’s lamp is gorgeous! So soft and elegant…

  37. Denise Lamb on said:

    Love Yvonne’s lampshade.
    So different from any I have
    ever seen.

  38. Susan on said:

    I love Cozy Little house shade, very creative

  39. Helen on said:

    Yvonne from Stone Gable gets my vote. Classy looking!

  40. Love All Things Heart and Home lampshade! So light and airy-looking!

  41. Linnea Westenberg on said:

    All Things Heart and Home is my fav! Love the sea glass blue.

  42. My favorite is Brenda’ s of Cozy Little House. So creative. Loved all the vintage items she used.

  43. C R Smith on said:

    I think I need the lamp from Cozy Little House. It is so cute and would go in my office nicely.

  44. Mary in VA on said:

    Love them all, but Cozy Little House’s is my fav.

  45. Jane on said:

    Love the Lampshade from Cozy Little House. So pretty and umique with the vintage material.
    It’s definitely something I would love to have in my home.

  46. Martha Ellen on said:

    Love the vintage linens on Brenda’s lampshade at Cozy Little House! ♥

  47. Cheryl L. on said:

    Love Yvonne’s from Stone Gable!

  48. girlfromwva on said:

    I love the one from Mary Ann from Domestically Speaking!

  49. Gwen on said:

    I vote for the painted monogram lampshade of Yvonne of Stone Gable. I’ve considered gluing onto a lampshade but not actually painting an elegant piece for my home. This design can be adapted too to a nursery, child’s room or less formal room by simply changing out the paint!

  50. Stone Gable has my vote. Love that lampshade!

  51. I cant wait to try some of these on my own!! Theyre all amazing!!

  52. sandy on said:

    I particularly loved the lampshade from Stone Gable. I thought it was elegant looking and liked
    the idea that the initials will stand out(glow)when the lamp is turned on. Stunning.

  53. Diane Westbrook on said:

    I love the classic look and Stone Gables’s Yvonne did it!!!

  54. Michelle on said:

    Stone Gable gets my vote……beautiful!

  55. Robyn on said:

    My Favorite! Cozy Little House!!!!

  56. Myrna on said:

    Reasons to Skip the Housework – This one is just so creative and fun. But all of them are really wonderful. It is hard to choose.

  57. Lisa on said:

    I vote for Yvonne at Stone Gable!

  58. this is such a fun idea. I love this challenge. There are some truly creative and lovely ideas here. I’m casting my vote for Yvonne of Stone Gable But I do think they are all terrific.

  59. My vote goes to Stone Gable! That is a classy lamp that can be used by most anyone in just about any room.

  60. Sharon Spiller on said:

    My favorite is Cozy Little House Lamp.

  61. So many talented artists but I like the one from Cozy Little House best. I’m going to do a lampshade with doilies myself!

  62. Nancy Carroll on said:

    Yvonne at Stone Gable for sure!! So Classy!!

  63. Nette on said:

    I like Cozy Little House lampshade.

  64. My favorite is the lamp made by Brenda of Cozy Little House. I love the vintage look, and the texture provided by the use of various linens and embellishments.

  65. Lorraine Nolte on said:

    I voted for Stone Gable because it is not only unique but I can’t even tell that it is hand made. Love it and want to make one.

  66. Nancy on said:

    I love StoneGable’s sophisticated high-end look. You’re so talented Yvonne.

  67. Susie on said:

    I love Cozy Little House’s lampshade. So pretty and unique.

  68. Martha on said:

    Cozy Little House has my vote. Very pretty!

  69. Ruth Hower on said:

    Brenda’s exhibits the most creative re-purposed approach!

  70. megan on said:

    It was a hard decision…so many pretty, creative ideas, a couple of which I might actually try myself!

  71. Lesley Walker on said:

    I love the lacy lampshade from the Cosy Little House

  72. prairiegirl on said:

    i love love LOVE robin’s shade from all things heart and home!! : )

  73. Kali on said:

    Love the lampshade by Brenda of Cozy Little House!

  74. claudine on said:

    I vote for Brenda at Cozy Little House. I also love the vintage and appreciate the hand work of days past.

  75. Lots of lovely ideas! My favourite is Cozy Little House!

  76. Great contest~ Love the lampshade by Brenda, from Cozy Little House!

  77. Cozy Little House has my vote! Pretty!

  78. JoAnn Patterson on said:

    Cozy Little House is my favorite although they are all pretty….but hers is so unique….and vintage cottage LOVE LOVE LOVE It!

  79. Absolutely love Yvonne’s at Stonegables
    unique and gorgeous lampshade!
    Would love one just like it(different initials of course!)
    In my home!

  80. Jessi on said:

    Love M is for Mama’s! How colorful and creative! Plus, it’s a great testament to her faith. :)

  81. Love the sea glass by Robin at All Things Heart and Home. This would go perfectly in my Coastal Bathroom!

  82. CathyT from TX on said:

    Yvonne from Stone Gable has my vote! I love the elegant look of it.

  83. MaryM from NJ on said:

    Stone Gable has my vote too! VERY CLASSY, but the burlap tones it down to fit any decor.

  84. Chris k in Wisconsin on said:

    I love the Cozy Little House lampshade! The colors and the textures are wonderful.

  85. Pat Dixon on said:

    Love the rescued, vintage handwork. The glove is the icing on the cake. Great Job. Brenda. Makes for a Cozy Little House.

  86. Debi on said:

    Cozy Little Home’s lampshade is the best. I love its uniqueness and the fact that it reminds me of being vintage.

  87. They are all very interesting and pretty, however I love Brenda’s at Cozy Little House the most!

  88. Suz on said:

    Love Cozy Little House Lampshade the best of all entries!

  89. Bethany on said:

    All things Heart and Home! Love the color.

  90. I think Cozy Little House’s shade is by far the cleverest, the way the vintage linens are juxtaposed against a contemporary base.

  91. Joan Elizabeth Fletcher on said:

    loved brenda’s lamp from Cozy Little House.

  92. Patti on said:

    My vote goes to Cozy Little House! Love the vintage look of her lampshade.

  93. Claire on said:

    How are you supposed to vote? No buttons to choose? Someone is really going to read through all the comments and tally up the votes? C’mon… this company has to be more technically savvy than that…

    That said, I vote for Robin at All things heart and home.

    • Holly La Porte on said:

      Hi Claire, At the end of the post your vote via our Rafflecopter. Thanks for giving us your input! Happy voting!

  94. Ludy on said:

    Great job everyone…..thank you for inspiring us all, but the one that touched me the most is Yvonne from Stone Gable, so classy and elegant on all her inspirations !!!! Thank Yvonne your are awesome.

  95. cindy jones on said:

    Love the sea glass look of All Things Heart and Home

  96. Pam Smith on said:

    I love Yvonne’s lampshade at StoneGable.

  97. Lisa Utyro on said:

    Reasons to Skip the Housework! Cute as a button!

  98. Zooperson on said:

    Brenda’s vintage is my favorite.

  99. I Love Stone Gable’s !! She really went All Out to Create a Unique Design that
    fits with all different Decor

  100. Carol D. on said:

    My favorite and my vote goes to Yvonne at StoneGable…I love the personalized monogram and the classy color combo….definitely a unique DIY shade!

  101. Hope Persons on said:

    Stone Gable has my vote!!

  102. Debbie on said:

    My vote has to go to Brenda at Cozy Little House.

  103. Linda on said:

    The lampshade from STONEGABLE is my vote hands down. Although the other shades were very well done and unique I think The monogram shade is classy and one that anyone could be use in some part of anyone’s home. If not in gold then one that would match or look nice with a color in your decor.

  104. My favorite is Brenda’s at Cozy little House!!!! Love the vintage items she used.

  105. Donna Duncan on said:

    Stone Gable’s creation is my favorite! Love the monogram and it can be used anywhere in their home!

  106. I love Cozy Little House’s because I like the vintage mixed with the new. It’s really different.

  107. Linda S. from Canada on said:

    I like the lampshade from Cozy Little House. I love the way she uses vintage embroidery and crochet to decorate her lampshade.

  108. I love the lampshade made by Brenda from Cozy Little House. I love all of the vintage things she’s used.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  109. Kari on said:

    Love Brenda’s combination of the contemporary shade shape paired with the embellishment’s vintage vibe. Thecolours would just about match anything.

  110. Patricia on said:

    They are all great but Cozy Little House wins my heart.

  111. I vote for Cozy Little House! I love the creative use of vintage pieces to decorate the lampshade. It is so unique and pretty!

  112. nanette on said:

    My favorite has got to be Brenda’s from Cozy Little House Blog. I enjoyed seeing all the variety of shades but there’s a real “coziness” to Brenda’s. Looks like it has a “story to tell!”

  113. Brenda from Cozy Little House has used items to decorate her lampshade which sing out to my heart. The vintage embroidered linens, lace, and buttons are all favorites of mine. I would love a lampshade like this in my home!

  114. Barbara on said:

    Love the Stonegable monogrammed shade, it’s neutral, classy and could be used in any room!

  115. Joanne on said:

    My vote is for Yvonne’s at StoneGable. I find her lamp shade is traditional and classy. While the others are imaginative, they would not suit my style. Yvonne’s lamp shade would compliment most homes and any room within.

  116. kendra williamson on said:

    OH Brenda’s Cozy Lttle House is by far the best lamp shade!!!!!!!

  117. JaneEllen on said:

    Was hard to pick all are so unique, but Brenda’s from Cozy little house with cottage chic look is favorite and i voted for her.

  118. Missy on said:

    Yvonne from Stone Gable has an exquisite style. Very pretty and updated. She should win hands down!

  119. Love Yvonne’s at StoneGable…Love everything monogramed !! All of the lamps are fabulous!

  120. Fran C on said:

    I like Brenda’s from Cozy Little House. I love the vintage items that she used.

  121. Marsha on said:

    Love Cozy Little House shade – it is so adorable and I love the decorations she used – has my vote!

  122. Zooperson on said:

    I vote for Brenda @ Little Cozy House

  123. Love the glittered chevron lamp shade

  124. LOVE ” Stone Gable’s ” lamp – ( Love all things monogrammed ! )

  125. Pamela Hayes on said:

    Very creative lamp shade ideas. My pick is Stone Gable’s, as I also love all things monogramed!!

  126. June Gerstner on said:

    Yvonne from Stone Gable is by far the best…simple but very elegant!

  127. Connie on said:

    Yvonne from Stone Gable

  128. Stone Gable’s shade is sooo classy.

  129. Chris on said:

    Cute and classy, and gold, all winners!

  130. Amanda S. on said:

    Love Brenda’s (Cozy Little House) shade. So charming and creative. Doesn’t seem to cater to a specific trend and isn’t over the top. So pretty!

  131. They all look great! But my favorite is Yvonne’s from StoneGable! Very classy!

  132. Love that gold monogrammed lamp shade!

  133. ann on said:

    Stone Gable, great shade.

  134. definetly my vote is for cozy little house

  135. Teresa on said:

    While they are all lovely, Cozy Little House’s entry is so unique that I have to give her my vote. Very clever and creative.

  136. Patti G on said:

    Yvonee from Stonegable !

  137. Lori Ginsberg on said:

    The Cozy Little House entry is just my style. I love it!

  138. Phylis Parsons on said:

    I vote for Cozy Little House. It is so unusual and vintage looking.

  139. I love the Stone Gable lamp

  140. Molly on said:

    Stone Gable! As always, Yvonne delivers in true classic style.

  141. Phylis Parsons on said:

    I vote for Cozy Liitle House. It’s unique & vintage looking.

  142. Love the Cozy Little House shade – very sweet! :)

  143. Marjorie Miller on said:

    I vote for Brenda’s lampshade because it was a “blast from the past” type of shade!!

  144. JKaye on said:

    Hi. I vote for the lampshade by Brenda of Cozy Little House. It’s a clever way to display old, beloved items that tend to stay tucked in a drawer.

  145. Joan Elizabeth Fletcher on said:

    love Cozy Little House lampshade!

  146. My vote … Monogrammed lampshade by Stone Gable.

  147. Cynthia on said:

    As always, Yvonne’s, from Stone Gable, is wonderful. Casually Elegant! Yummy!

  148. Love the monogram shade from Stone Gable! Chic and current!

  149. Love the Stone Gable lamp…that one gets my vote!!!

  150. StoneGable! You have my vote! Beautiful, classy, and incredibly creative!

  151. Raylene on said:

    While all of the lampshades are adorable, Yvonne at Stone Gable took a lot of patience to create her monogramed lampshade. It is very elegant and would be something you would find in an upscale catalog to be personalized and purchased. Great work and detail, Yvonne!

  152. Marisa Waid on said:

    I’m from the South and we monogram everything. So, I love Stonegables lampshade.

  153. Sharon Barnes on said:

    I love Yvonne’s from StoneGable!

  154. Maria C on said:

    Stone Gable has my vote

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